Reasons To Choose a Local Workshop Over an Authorized Service Center

Reasons to Choose a Local Workshop Over an Authorized Service Center

It’s that time of the year and your car is due for its routine maintenance. You’re now left with the choice of choosing your local workshop or an authorized service center. Which one do you choose? 

As a car owner, it is important to maintain the condition of your vehicle to ensure it runs smooth and safe. Choosing between a local workshop or an authorized service center can be difficult as they both have their pros and cons. 

However, a compelling case can be made on why you should choose a local workshop instead. Here are some reasons to consider. 



Local workshops are usually cheaper than authorized service centers. Some may argue that authorized centers provide services in accordance with their price. Be that as it may, there are many independent workshops that can deliver top notch work for a lot less. 

The competition among local workshops is high, prompting most workshops to provide valuable services at an affordable price. This will also help them retain and attract more customers. Furthermore, local workshops are more negotiable when it comes to prices and discounts. 

Nonetheless, it also comes down to choosing the right workshop so choose wisely!



Your local workshop is probably located somewhere within your area. This will make it more convenient for you to travel to and from the workshop. You’ll also experience a faster turnaround time as local workshops have smaller workloads and far less customers waiting in line.

Besides that, they’d probably be able to work their schedule around yours too. This can be especially useful during times where you need your car as soon as possible. Local workshops are known for their personalized services which takes us to the next point.


Personalized Service

Local workshops usually provide personalized services and advice based on your car’s condition. Authorized service centers on the other hand are known to operate on a strict policy. This includes following their standard packaged services without the option to personalize. 

This may cause the need to fork out unnecessary spendings to replace parts which are still working. Local mechanics will take the time to show you parts that are worn out and how to better manage your car. 

This adds a layer of transparency and awareness which is not palpable among authorized centers.


Expertise and Experience

Local workshops often have experienced mechanics with vast knowledge of cars. These mechanics have worked on different car types and models throughout their time, giving them the expertise to diagnose and repair problems.

Their practical knowledge is second to none and they might pinpoint issues which authorized centers cannot. Furthermore, this’ll prevent the need to fix your car for a second time, saving you time and money.


Face to Face Interaction 

Going to an authorized service center will put you face to face with the employee in charge but not the mechanic who will fix your car. This is often downplayed when it comes to getting your car fixed but direct interaction with your mechanic is crucial. 

Face to face interaction will give you the chance to have a detailed discussion about your car. It will also allow your mechanic to give a better explanation on any underlying problems and how you can avoid them in the future. 

Moreover, a conversation with your mechanic will teach you a great deal about cars. You might also learn the right way to fix your own car in the future! 


Support Local Business

The need to shop local cannot be overstated and the same applies to the independent workshop in your community. Supporting a small business in your area is a powerful way to contribute to the local economy. 

It’ll help business owners thrive, encouraging them to improve their establishments. It’s also a good way to build a relationship with your mechanic and ensure you have a professional technician to rely on. 

Another way to show support is by referring your friends and family to them. All in all, supporting a local business is a good way to give back to the community. 



Both independent workshops and authorized service centers are viable places to fix, replace or tune up different parts of your car. However, there are many reasons as to why you could choose a local workshop instead. 

First and foremost, a local workshop is much more affordable and convenient to travel to. They also have personalized services and mechanics who are knowledgeable in their field. Moreover, local workshops give you the opportunity to have direct contact with the mechanic. 

Last but not least, attaining the services of an independent workshop is a good way to support the community. Are you planning to get your car fixed, checked or serviced? Don’t hesitate to contact us here

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