Bundle DEALS

Shell Helix Hybrid 0W20

Shell Helix Hybrid 0W20 Fully Synthetic Servicing Package New Launch Promotion $118 (Normal Price $148). 

Car Air-con Service DEALS

K11HV+ Air-Con System Flushing

Do you know that lubricating oil in the air-conditioning of a car system requires periodical replacement? Too little or too much air-con oil may result in Serious Damage.

10-Point Car Service DEALS

10 Points Pre-Inspection Check

If it’s time for your vehicle’s LTA inspection, you might be worried about whether it’s going to pass or fail. Thankfully, we offer a Pre-inspection checks package that you can do to give your vehicle the best chance of passing. 

10 Points Fuel Saver Car Service

Agitated by the high fuel prices?

Time to do a thorough inspect to ensure efficient fuel consumption with Motoserv – Enjoy our 10-Point Fuel Saver Service at ONLY $50!


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