Bundle DEALS

Helix Power Bottle 0W 40

Shell Helix Servicing Package

Three different packages to choose from, starting at $118 net. Package also includes 4 other car maintenance services. Service is available at all 6 Motoserv Shell Autoserv outlets.

Havoline Pro DS Fully Synthetic

Signature Servicing Bundle

At net price of $118 for a limited time only! Choose from three different Caltex Havoline® Pro DS Fully Synthetic Engine oil [4 Litres]. Bundle includes 5 different car maintenance services. 

shell helix hybrid car motor oil

Shell Helix Hybrid 0W20

Shell Helix Hybrid 0W20 Fully Synthetic Servicing Package New Launch Promotion $118 (Normal Price $148). 

Car Air-con Service DEALS

aircon flushing machine

K11HV+ Air-Con System Flushing

Do you know that lubricating oil in the air-conditioning of a car system requires periodical replacement? Too little or too much air-con oil may result in Serious Damage.

10-Point Car Service DEALS

10-Point Car Service DEALS

Indepth under car service

10 Points Pre-Inspection Check

If it’s time for your vehicle’s LTA inspection, you might be worried about whether it’s going to pass or fail. Thankfully, we offer a Pre-inspection checks package that you can do to give your vehicle the best chance of passing. 

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