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Mechanics from Motoserv Pte Ltd is one of the pioneer batches in Singapore who completed Hybrid / EV Service & Repair Training with certification from the Institute of Motor Industry, IMI (UK). Established in 1920, IMI (UK) is the UK’s most respecteed and admired industry body which provides qualifications, accreditations and Gold Standard for professinoals working in the automotive industry.

Our Case Trust accreditation covers consumer satisfaction and pricing transparency to meet the Sonumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act.)

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Engine Check Light Diagnostic

When your “check engine” light is on or blinking – depending on the issue. A blinking light, or in some cars a red light instead of a yellow or orange light, indicates a problem that requires immediate attention which our mechanics can help to diagnose and resolve.

Undercarriage Inspection

The undercarriage of your vehicle should be inspected annually by a certified mechanic to ensure safety. There may be concealed damages that cannot be seen easily and it may be dangerous.

Car Aircon Preventive Service Package

Regular servicing can help to make the aircon cooler and eliminates foul smell. It can even help to prolong the lifespan of the car’s aircon cooling system.

Brake Flush Service

Brake Flush Service helps to remove all the old fluid in the brakes before replacing it with new fluid. This can help to improve the overall effectiveness of your braking power.

Carbon Cleaning/Walnut blasting

Walnut blasting is one of the most efficient and safest process of removing carbon buildup from your car’s intake manifold and intake valves. Lower fuel consumption, smoother idle and throttle response, and additional horsepower gains are some benefits you can expect after the process.

Hybrid Vehicle Battery Checking and Cooling Fan Service

Hybrid Vehicle Battery Checking can help keep track of your hybrid vehicle’s battery life to make sure that it is still working fine. It is also important to cool and clean the battery systems to make sure it is dust-free and not overheated.

Engine and Vacuum Leak Test

A vacuum leak may cause your engine to stall out or die. The Engine and Vacuum Leak Test can help identify if there are any leaks in your vehicle and fix the issue if needed.

Battery Checking or Replacement

Battery Checking can help check your car’s battery health and replace the battery if it is dying or dead.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change and Repair

Transmission fluid change and repair is needed after your car has clocked significant mileage. The auto transmission fluid provides lubrication for the components of transmission and keeps it cool and clean.

Aircon Evaporator Replacement

The car’s aircon evaporator is a heat exchanger that resembles the condenser but is much smaller. Some common reasons to replace the aircon evaporator include leakage, corrosion and debris.

Spark Plug Replacement

Spark Plug should be replaced once it has worn electrodes as it will put stress on the ignition coil and can shorten its life. The wear varies with the engine type and usage conditions.

Car Performance Enhancement Products

There are many products in the market that offer drivers better performance and improved fuel economy. Speak to us today to find out which product is suitable for your car.

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Car Pre-inspection and Diagnostic check Now $30

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