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K11HV+ Air-Con Flushing Service Promotion

K11HV+ Flushing of Air-Con System


Do you know that lubricating oil in the air-conditioning of a car system requires periodical replacement?

Too little or too much air-con oil may result in Serious Damage.

Consequence For Air-Con Oil Not Changed:
❌ Pre-Mature Failure of Air-Con Components:
Compressor, Cooling Coil, Condenser, etc. That lead to Expensive Repair Costs.
❌ Inefficient Air-Con System Encourages Fungus & Bacteria Growth Causing:
Bad Odour, Pneumonia-related Problems that May Cause Drivers Irritation, and Concentrated Emission of Toxin
❌ Power Lost & Higher Consumption

Need your Air-Con Flushed?
Visit Us @ Any Of Our 6 Outlets (Appointment Booking Required)!

📍Shell Autoserv Bt Batok Nature Park (28 Bt Batok East Ave 6)
📍Shell Autoserv Bt Panjang 772 Upper Bt Timah Rd
📍Shell Autoserv Boon Lay 2, Boon Lay Ave
📍Shell Autoserv Tampines 9, Tampines Ave 2
📍Shell Autoserv Sembawang, 595 Sembawang Road
📍Shell Autoserv Toa Payoh, 248 Toa Payoh Lor 1

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