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Hybrid Cooling Fan Cleaning Service

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Clean Your Hybrid Battery Fan

Why Should You Clean Your Hybrid 

Battery Fan?

When it comes to owning a Prius, many of us (me included) sometimes forget we have “other maintenance” to do on our cars. One of those things is cleaning out the hybrid battery fan.

In this article, I want to give you a quick run-through of why cleaning is essential and describe to you the process of how to do it.

The Reason Cleaning The Fan Is Important

Nickel Metal Hydride is a great battery, but it does have weaknesses. It is only about 70% efficient compared to Lithium. That means the battery as it is being used runs hot and needs cooling to have any life use.

The way Toyota has been cooling their battery systems is with air ducting and a fan. While this method is suitable when the vehicle is new, as it ages, some problems can occur when the fan is dirty.

Dirt, pet hair, and other goodies can get stashed away in the fan blades over time. The more junk that piles up, the lower the airflow to the battery. When the fan cannot be cool the battery adequately, the NiMH modules start to show their age.

Insufficient cooling can kill off a battery early, and cleaning the fan is part of proper care.

Service Job Scope

  • Cleaning the cooling fan & Battery pack compartment
  • Diagnose of hybrid system DTC fault & Reset
  • Checking of HV insulation cable
  • Checking of hybrid water pump

Duration: 1 – 4 hour job depending on the car model

Price start from $180 – $388 before GST . Depend of car model. ( Toyota & Honda ONLY ) Please provide car model for actual quote.

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