ADAS Calibration

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ADAS Calibration

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, rely on various sensors and cameras to function properly. When a fault occurs on the screen that requires ADAS calibration, it typically involves issues with the sensors or cameras that are integral to the system. Here’s a description of a fault scenario:

Fault Description: Camera Misalignment


Misalignment Warning on Display: The vehicle’s dashboard or infotainment screen displays a warning message indicating misalignment or calibration issues with one or more ADAS components.

Inaccurate Sensor Readings: The ADAS features, such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, or automatic emergency braking, may not function correctly. The system may provide inaccurate readings or fail to detect obstacles, leading to unreliable performance.

Erratic Behavior: Drivers may experience erratic behavior from the vehicle, such as sudden braking or steering interventions when there is no apparent threat.

Possible Causes:

Physical Damage: The vehicle may have experienced a collision or impact, causing misalignment or damage to one or more ADAS sensors or cameras.

Calibration Drift: Over time, factors like vibrations, temperature changes, or repairs to the vehicle may cause the ADAS sensors to drift out of alignment, affecting their accuracy.

Sensor Replacement: If a sensor has been replaced due to damage or malfunction, improper installation or calibration of the new sensor can result in misalignment.

Required Calibration:

Camera Calibration: A specialized technician needs to perform a camera calibration procedure using advanced equipment. This involves precisely aligning and configuring the cameras to ensure their field of view and detection capabilities are accurate.

Dynamic Calibration: In some cases, a dynamic calibration procedure may be necessary. This involves driving the vehicle under specific conditions to allow the ADAS system to learn and adjust to real-world scenarios.

Diagnostic Scan: Before and after the calibration, a comprehensive diagnostic scan is usually conducted to ensure that all ADAS components are functioning correctly, and any fault codes are addressed.

It’s important to note that ADAS calibration is a precise process, and it’s crucial for vehicle safety. Any fault requiring calibration should be addressed promptly by qualified professionals to ensure the accurate and reliable functioning of the ADAS features.

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