What is used to make your Car Aircon Systems work?

flushing aircon system

When your aircon runs out of refrigerant, the aircon cooling system would not function properly. Because of this, the best way to fix this problem is to perform proper aircon service and refill the aircon system with a new refrigerant.

The question is, what is used to refill your aircon system?

The answer is Refrigerant R134a

Understanding Refrigerant R134a

Refrigerant R134a, widely used in automotive air conditioning systems, has a significant impact on global warming with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1430—meaning it is 1430 times more potent in trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period.

This considerable GWP highlights the pressing need for more environmentally friendly alternatives to address climate change effectively.

Response to Singapore Green Plan 2023

In line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, which aims to foster sustainable development and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, companies like Motoserv are stepping up with innovative solutions.

Advanced Aircon Recovery Machine by Motoserv

Motoserv has introduced advanced aircon recovery machines designed specifically for the automotive industry’s workshops.

Efficient Recovery and Recycling:

These machines play a crucial role in efficiently recovering and recycling R134a from car air conditioning systems, preventing its release into the atmosphere and thus reducing its environmental impact.

Service for Electric Vehicles (EVs):

Moreover, these machines are adept at servicing the unique needs of electric vehicles (EVs), which are becoming increasingly common as part of the Green Plan’s initiative towards cleaner transportation modes.

Handling Next-Generation Refrigerants:

The machines not only facilitate the recycling and proper disposal of current refrigerants but are also equipped to handle next-generation refrigerants such as R1234yf, which are used in EVs and have a much lower GWP.

This adaptability ensures that the machines can accommodate both traditional vehicles and the expanding number of electric vehicles, promoting sustainable practices widely.

Environmental Footprint Reduction:

By integrating such technologies, Motoserv is helping automotive workshops minimize their environmental footprint, comply with stringent environmental regulations, and align with Singapore’s commitment to a sustainable future as detailed in the Green Plan 2030. 

Advancement in Sustainability Goal:

Motoserv’s aircon recovery machines represent an essential advancement in aligning the automotive industry with global sustainability goals, preparing for current and future environmental challenges.


Motoserv’s introduction of advanced aircon recovery machines represent an important step towards reducing the environmental impact of automotive air conditioning systems.

These machines support global sustainability efforts by efficiently recovering and recycling refrigerants such as R134a, as well as accommodating next-generation alternatives.

Motoserv is guiding the automotive industry towards a more sustainable future through innovation and a commitment to environmental responsibility. If you need your aircon repaired, dont hesitate to get our help.

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