Difference Between Hybrid Car Service & Normal Car Service

Difference Between Hybrid Car Service & Normal Car Service

Hybrid cars have made quite an impact on the automotive industry. They’re an alternative to gasoline powered vehicles, offering improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. This makes them more environmentally friendly and economically appealing in the long run. 

However, due to their unique features, hybrid cars have different requirements when it comes to servicing. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between servicing a hybrid car and servicing a regular car. 


What is a Hybrid Car?

Charging Hybrid Car

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A hybrid car combines two or more distinct power sources to power a vehicle. This usually comes in the form of an electric motor and a gasoline engine. These components work in tandem to optimise fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, hence the hybrid car is born. 

It’s important to note that hybrid cars are not like full blown electric cars. While electric cars run fully on electricity, hybrid cars blend the benefits of both gasoline and electricity. 

This makes them a versatile choice for those who want to reduce environmental impacts while maintaining traditional fueling.


Hybrid vs Normal Car: Difference in Servicing 

Hybrid VS Normal Car

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Servicing is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance and there are certain distinctions when it comes to hybrid and normal cars:


  • Hybrid Car: Hybrid cars feature complex systems that require special care and attention. This mainly attributes to the electrical motor which plays a crucial role in reducing your emissions and fuel consumption.
    To maintain the performance of your hybrid car, this motor needs to be serviced by the right technicians.

  • Normal Car: On the other hand, traditional cars tend to have simpler electrical systems. Their components are less intricate than those found in hybrids and they don’t require specialised technicians to service them.



  • Hybrid Car: Battery maintenance is a crucial aspect for both cars but maybe even more so for a hybrid. This is due to the high voltage battery that powers up its electric motor.
    Hybrid car technicians must be trained to handle these high voltage systems safely.

  • Normal Car: Batteries in traditional cars are used for standard functions like starting the engine and powering accessories. They’re not packed with high voltage power, making them less complex and generally easier to service. 




  • Hybrid Car: Hybrid cars feature a special braking system known as regenerative brakes. These brakes allow the hybrid car to recharge its battery while slowing down or breaking.
    As neat as that sounds, these systems have unique components that require specialised attention during servicing. 

  • Normal Car: Traditional cars typically have regular braking systems that are well understood and commonly serviced by technicians. Servicing regular brakes is a routine task for most workshops and doesn’t require specialised skills. 



  • Hybrid Car: Hybrid cars contain both gasoline and electrical engines, and their fuel systems are designed to work in conjunction with these power sources.
    This dual fuel system can be more tedious to service and while the electric motor may not require much time, the combustion engine requires the regular servicing of a standard vehicle. 

  • Normal Car: Regular cars are powered solely by internal combustion engines that run on gasoline or diesel fuel. Their fuel systems are more conventional and are familiar to automotive technicians who service them routinely.


Do Hybrid Cars Need More Servicing?

Do Hybrid Cars Need More Servicing

The main difference between the two cars lies in the specialised components of the hybrid. Their components require special attention from technicians who are familiar with the configurations of the vehicle. 

However, as far as servicing goes, frequency of servicing is pretty much the same. Recommended intervals are roughly every year and when in doubt, you can always refer to your car manufacturer’s recommended intervals. 



Hybrid cars indeed have unique features and components that require special attention. This mainly lies in the electronic, battery, fuel and brake system of the vehicle. Nonetheless, the frequency of servicing is not necessarily higher than that of regular cars. 

The key takeaway is that whether you drive a hybrid or a traditional car, regular maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running efficiently, reliably, and safely. 

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