Car Aircon Recovery Package

Car air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to function correctly. One essential aspect of this maintenance is the car aircon recovery process. Here are some reasons why it is necessary to do the car aircon recovery process:

Remove moisture and contaminants: Over time, the air conditioning system can accumulate moisture and contaminants, leading to reduced efficiency and performance. The recovery process involves removing these contaminants and moisture from the system, which helps to restore the system’s effectiveness.

Recharge the refrigerant: The air conditioning system requires a specific amount of refrigerant to function correctly. The recovery process allows for the removal of the old refrigerant, which may have degraded over time, and a recharge with new refrigerant. This ensures that the system operates at peak efficiency and provides optimal cooling.

Extend the lifespan of the system: Regular maintenance, including the recovery process, can help to extend the lifespan of the air conditioning system. By removing moisture and contaminants and recharging the refrigerant, the system operates at optimal levels, reducing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.

Save money: An air conditioning system that operates efficiently uses less energy, leading to lower fuel consumption and reduced costs. Additionally, regular maintenance, including the recovery process, can help to identify potential issues before they become costly repairs.

In summary, the car aircon recovery process is essential to maintaining the air conditioning system’s efficiency, performance, and lifespan. It is an essential aspect of regular maintenance that can save money and prevent costly repairs.

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What’s Included:
  • Vacuum & Recharge with Refrigerant and Oil
  • Duration = 30mins to 45 mins


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